GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY - Helen’s Bay Crawfordsburn 2008
NO ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED In the interests of Health and Safety, you must not; Smoke in any of the Museums, smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.    Run within any of the Museums, particulary in the galleries, staircases and steep hills. Sit on stairs or block the entrances to any doors or emergency exits. Leave any children unattended, or allow them to behave unreasonably. - Child Protection Policy on site. Climb on any part of the collections or onto any external structure or the artillery guns including walls, monuments,  barriers and columns. Disregard any safety signs or barriers that may have been put in place for pubic safety and protection.
Closed circuit Televison Monitoring You should also be aware that we use closed circuit televison throughout the grounds of Grey Point Fort for security and public safety reasons.
Winter Months From 20th September 2015 to Easter 2016   10am - 4pm Saturdays and Sundays
Summer Months Summer opening from April 2016 to September 2016 will always be open at weekends, depending on the availability of volunteers it iis our intentions to try and open Grey Point Fort seven days a week
Visitor Information You are very welcome to Grey Point Fort and in the interests of safety, wellbeing and security of all of our visitors we require that you abide by these simple visitors regulations

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